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ginja mariquinhas chocolate e piripiri chili sour cherry Kirsche Schokolade suklaakirsikka chokolade kirsebær cereza Chili ピリピリチョコレートチェリー 巧克力樱桃

Ginja D’Obidos Mariquinhas Chocolate and Piripiri 70cl (cherry liqueur)

Perfect blend of Cherry liqueur, chocolat and hot spicey piripiri. Alcohol: 18%
ginja mariquinhas sem fruto sour cherry Kirsche suklaakirsikka kirsebær cereza ピリピリチョコレートチェリー 巧克力樱桃

Limoncello Garrone 70cl

The Garrone Limoncello is an authentic lemon into a bottle. This liqueur is a true Italian specialty.
Moscatel Anna Alonso Douro Portugal vin muscat wine Muskatwein

Moscatel Douro Anna Alonso 75cl – Muscat

Muscat with full-bodied but very smooth, where the sweetness and mouth flavors are combined perfectly with the warmth of the alcohol, with a fine finish
Moscatel Piano Reserva 2011 mouscat vin fortifie fortified wine angereicherter Wein

Moscatel Piano Reserva DOC Douro 2011 50cl – Muscat

A strong reserve with the fragrance and unique complexity that only the great quality Douro Moscatel reach when aged
moscatel reserva 10 anos years jahre rubrica venancio da costa lima peninsula de setubal portugal muscat マスカット мускатный Muskateller reserve

Moscatel Reserva 10 Years Rubrica Venâncio da Costa Lima 50cl – Muscat

Muscat with amber color. Complex aromas of raisins, nuts and honey. Dense, soft, aromatic mouth and sweet and long finish.
moscatel roxo rubrica venancio da costa lima setubal portugal muscat マスカット мускатный Muskateller

Moscatel Roxo Rubrica Venâncio da Costa Lima 75cl – Muscat


Dark amber color. Complex aroma with notes of raisins, jam and honey. Intense and sweet flavor with a long finish.  |  Region: Peninsula de Setubal - Portugal

Rum William Hinton Single Cask Carcavelos 70cl

Rum from Madeira Island aged 6 years in barrels from fortified wine Carcavelos - Alcohol: 42%
vermute william hinton moot da ilha da madeira cr7 island vermouth portugal Wermut ベルモット 苦艾酒 вермут

Vermouth William Hinton Moot 75cl

Vermouth with Madeira Wine - half sweet. Alcohol: 14,5%
vinho abafado quinta das bageiras bairrada portugal sweet wine

Wine Abafado Quinta das Bágeiras 75cl – (fortified)

Region: Bairrada, Portugal
Produtor: Mário Sérgio Alves Nuno