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Macarico queimador de leite creme brulee burner edega loja online

Créme Brulée Burner

Créme Brulée Burner. Also useful to remove skin from peppers and tomatoes. JET FLAME / ALUMINIUM GRIP / BLISTER.
vinho do Porto Fonseca Terra Prima biologico organic port wine vin du port biologique wein vino

Fonseca Port Wine Terra Prima Reserva Organic 75cl

A Port Reserve with a delicious texture that is velvety, soft, juicy and voluminous. Wine and organic brandy. Region: Douro, Portugal 
ginja mariquinhas chocolate an piripiri chili sour cherry liqueur

Ginja D’Obidos Mariquinhas Chocolate and Piripiri 70cl (cherry liqueur)

Perfect blend of Cherry liqueur, chocolat and hot spicey piripiri. Most awarded " Ginja " in Portugal|  Alcohol: 18%
ginja mariquinhas sem fruto sour cherry Kirsche suklaakirsikka kirsebær cereza ピリピリチョコレートチェリー 巧克力樱桃

Limoncello Garrone 70cl

The Garrone Limoncello is an authentic lemon into a bottle. This liqueur is a true Italian specialty.
vinho da Madeira 10 anos years verdelho wein wine vin

Madeira Wine Blandy’s 10 Years Verdelho 50cl

Fresh bouquet of dried fruits and spice, orange aromas. Medium dry, fullbodied. Long aftertaste of exotic fruits with spicy overtones in this great Madeira Wine 10 years old verdelho
vinho da madeira blandys malvasia doce rich malmsey 15 anos years wine wein vin vino

Madeira Wine Blandy’s 15 Years Rich Malmsey 50cl

Blandy's Rich Malmsey 15 Years Old - Clear color and intense golden brown and a pronounced tear. Characteristic bouquet of a great complexity of dried fruits and wood, toffee and vanilla. Sweet, smooth, full-bodied and complex, with a long aftertaste of dried fruit and dark chocolate in thsi Madeira wine
vinho da Madeira Blandys alvada 5 anos years wein wine vin Portugal

Madeira Wine Blandy’s 5 Years Alvada 50cl

Dried fruit, caramel, notes of spices and oak. Palate is velvety, soft and full-bodied, balanced acidity. A long finish with notes of honey.  |  Region: Madeira, Portugal
vinho da Madeira Blandys 5 anos years Bual wein wine vin Portugal

Madeira Wine Blandy’s 5 Years Bual 75cl

Clear, amber colour with tinges of gold; a bouquet of dried fruit, vanilla and wood with a smooth, medium-sweet finish
vinho da Madeira Blandys 5 anos years Malmsey Malvasia wein wine vin Portugal

Madeira Wine Blandy’s 5 Years Malmsey 75cl

Characteristic bouquet of Madeira with dried fruits and orange marmalade. Rich and full bodied with notes of coffee, spices and chocolate